Geneza nazwiska Żbikowski

Geneza nazwiska Żbikowski

Geneza nazwiska Żbikowski


Zbikowski probably comes ultimately from the root z*bik, "wildcat" (I'm using z* stands for the Polish dotted z, pronounced like the s in "measure"), but the -owski again indicates the family was associated with a place named Z*biko~w, Z*bikowo, Z*biki, etc., and those places got their names because there were wildcats around. There are several villages called Z*bik, Z*biki, Z*bikowice, and the surname could have originated in connection with any or all of them. As of 1990 there were 3,522 Poles named Z*bikowski, with the largest numbers in the provinces of Warsaw (598), Ciechanow (536), Ostroleka (229), and Wloclawek (269), suggesting a concentration in central and north central Poland.

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